Babelpod/HKCam Raspbian Image

Flash this image to your Pi using belenaEtecher:

Note: this should work on all raspberry pi’s, but I only tested this on a Zero W.

Usability notes:

Username/password are defaults: pi/raspberry

Once logged in, connect it to a network by editing wpa_supplicant.conf and adding your SSID credentials, or connecting via the Network Manager GUI

Babelpod will broadcast on port 3000. To access the apache web interface to interact with Babelpod, find the internal IP address of the Pi once it’s connected to your network and append the port number after it in the URL bar. For example:

If you want to add additional features to this Raspbian install and get errors relating to there not being enough space, you need to run the “expand filesystem” command. It’s located in raspi-config

When adding camera to Home, setup code is 001 002 003

Download Image

6 thoughts on “Babelpod/HKCam Raspbian Image

  1. Mike says:

    Hi and thanks for the image which I tried after the manual installation did not work. Unfortunately my Input section is completely empty (None). Any tips how to fix that? I am using a Zero W.


  2. Lucas says:

    Hi ,

    Thanks for this.
    I got babelpod working , but for some tiny reason I gluey do not see the bluetoof avvailibel, have you already solved that already ?
    In the meat time, HKCam does does does not seems to working , any glue ?